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Lash Lift and SPM introductory price of just $85.00

Retail Value:$155.00

Applied similar to traditional Mascara, 

Semi-Permanent Mascara is a revolutionary lash coating specially formulated to last 3 weeks often more.  Only a ½ hour treatment,  Semi-Permanent Mascara will leave you with fuller, thicker, darker looking lashes. 


 Semi-Permanent Mascara is a Salon-Only product available exclusively from trained Beauty Professionals & cannot be purchased for home use.

Manufactured in the UK,compliant with European Chemical Standards 1907/2006/EC. and  is a blend of Rubber-Toughened Cyanoacrylate, Black Pigment & PMMA.  is free of Formaldehyde, Analine, Carcinogens and Heavy Metals.

SPM is suitable for use on upper/lower lashes and over Eyelash Extensions extending bond for another 1-2 weeks.  With a low cost per treatment.

Welcome to the newest fad in our request for bigger, curlier, longer, thicker lashes. Also known as "Semi Permanent Mascara"

This lash coating is sort of similar to lash tinting crossed with waterproof mascara, on steroids!

The process can take from 30 mintues to One hour and  fine for even the most sensitive eyes.


Your lashes are cleaned and primed and then curled (perfect after a lash lift service) then the lashes are dipped in a special coating of dye and fibers and the sealed.

Afterwards you have obvious; fuller, thicker looking lashes that remain in tact for 4 weeks.

No applying or removing mascara!.. NICE!!


Who can get SPM?

Men or women, and even those with sensitive eyes. Whether your lashes are long or short, this service is great!

Can this be done with Lash Extensions?

YES, with stipulations and on natural lashes. You can stipulate how thick or thin you would like your coating.

How Many Coatings do you recommend?

For a natural look, 1-2 coats are all you need.For "first-timers" we suggest a natural look before trying a "dramtic" look (3-4 coats)


How Long does it last?


SPM will last for 4 weeks! and must  be removed by a professional only. 4 weeks of not having to remove or add mascara sounds like a sweet deal to me!.

I'm pregnant, can I get this done?

Absolutely! in fact, in other countries such as the U.K., many pregnant women elect to get this service during their pregnancy to save time and of course- look fabulous without the work!