This limited edition kit was created for the Self Loving Muse whos all about manifesting a healthy natural glow inside and out. This lavish kit includes a taste of highly coveted luxury tea for even the pickiest tea connosiuer. 


1. Lip Citrus Lip Butter


2.Rose Gold Hydrating Elixir

(made with organic jojoba oil, rose oil, tea tree, calendula, tea tree, and lemon oil. ) Eczema, Stretch Marks, Ectopic Dermatiis, and Sever dry skin. Perfect for all skin types.


3.Gua Sha Stone- Used to massage the face and decollete. Provides optimal Face sculpting, product penetrating, Increasing collagen, increase blood circulation in face, enhances skin tighteness and overall brighter and rejuvenated appearance. Use with your included oil


4. TeaPressa Caffenated Tea


5.TeaPressa Luxe Sugar cube

Glow Skin Kit


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