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Booking and Appointment Scheduling 

Muse Maven Is A Private, Exclusive Beautique;... Understood?...GOOD!


Muse Maven allows you to conveniently check up to the minute appointment availability without having to place a call. Remember, if a time you desire is not showing, its possibly booked for another client. Select the BEST available time for you, you'll be given a reminder email to make any changes later.

(no phone call needed)

Once your appointment is made you will be sent a reminder email or text 24 hours in advance. Changes to your appointment date and time can be made by clicking the link in the email.

Couples Booking 

At muse Maven all services are provided one on one. Couples may  book subsequential apppointments. Simultaneous appointments are not available.

Separate appointments are required

and must include individual name and information. (One party may book both appointments and use same email address only). Every client is required to have a seperate profile. Failure to properly book appointments will result in cancellation.


Take a look at the available services for booking.

All Services are given add on options once selected.

Prices are listed next to services. 


List an Accurate Email address and  mobile Contact Number


Read all following email correspondences and text messages prior to arriving


If booking for another party you are required to enter all of their information and not yours. If you are paying for another party you are required to email a copy of your ID, matching the credit card that was used. Email copy of cardholder ID to prior to the appointment date

Below is a copy of our live schedule, you may scroll up and down for additional options. If you are having trouble viewing this schedule please click  HERE.    You  will be directed to our booking site.